Raising the Quality of Our Lives.   
I love people. I've trained over 8,000 MRI Technologists, CT Technologists, Cardiologists, Oncologists, Surgeons and Radiologists upgrade their lives and the patients they serve. I have taken part in caring for over 20,000 patients - and have helped many with a fresh start in life. I continue my quest to make a difference at a grass roots level using science. With a following of Quantum Life Enthusiasts, some of whom are experiencing shifts in the quality of their lives without drug or hospital dependency we may have found a way. Here's what we've learned. Quantum aspects of life and cosmology ARE powerful. Modalities like surgery, chemo, radiation, high tech gene splicing and AI are merely tinkering. Optimizing life requires tweaking the quantum auto-pilots for peak alignment. Join us today for Online Classes and other programs to learn how, Funded by Science and Life Foundation


What do we mean by Well-Being?  Can Quantum Physics, in fact, optimize your Well-Being?
Tom Padikal is on Princeton TV as he discusses these -- and more.
"By well-being we often mean a state of being healthy, happy and prosperous.  As a minimum it describes our physical, emotional, spiritual and ontological state. There is usually a level of vagueness associated with it, which we often tend to overlook. This vagueness is a reflection of the nature of the quantum world - the world of all possibilities - from where all aspects of life arise!"